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Advisory Board

United Kingdom

Hello and welcome to the Trimble MEP Customer Advisory Board web page! Thank you for following the link and being interested in finding out more about this great joint opportunity.

This page contains all you need to know about the Customer Advisory Board, but we'd love to keep the conversation going so please do get in touch if you want to talk further.

What is the Trimble MEP Customer Advisory Board?

It is a forum where like-minded MEP business leaders can have meaningful discussions on important topics that affect your businesses. Through mutual sharing of challenges and your visions for the future, you can gain in-depth insights into key industry trends and deeper knowledge of joint experiences. Your advice will also enable us at Trimble MEP to continue to develop the services your businesses need to thrive and grow.

What are the goals of the Customer Advisory Board?

We want to continue to be a trusted partner in your digital transformation and through this forum, we will deepen our knowledge of what's important to you, now and in the future. Along with strengthening our relationship, it will also provide:

  • Early warnings of shifts in your needs and emerging challenges you see coming
  • The truth on industry trends as experienced by you and your peers

And it will:

  • Identify key factors that influence your decisions when investing in your business solutions
  • Give us the opportunity to test and validate our vision for the future with trusted partner customers

What are the benefits to you?

There's an extensive list of benefits that will be available to you throughout the course of the customer advisory board. If you decide to join us, not only will you have exclusive access to Trimble's strategy and direction, plus the opportunity to connect with Trimble MEP's senior leadership team, but you can also expect to:

Influence Trimble MEP's roadmap

Learn and share best practices from peers

Network to further elevate your business' profile as a thought leader in the industry

Gain free early access to new features and products

Attend one annual in-person event sponsored by Trimble

Access exclusive training discounts

What we ask of you

This forum has been created with balance in mind. It will be lightweight enough to fit into your schedule, but equally will require adequate time to explore complex and valuable topics. Based on our research, here is an outline of the time investment we recommend:

  • Join the in-person event once per year (1 day)
  • Participate in quarterly remote meetings of maximum 2 hours each per year
  • Participate in feedback sessions for new products/features
  • A couple of hours per year to define agenda topics and to prepare presentations where needed
  • Participate in a short post-event interview to identify the outcomes that are of most interest for your individual business
  • Optional: take part in articles/case studies and/or joint presentations at industry events that focus on your business
  • The duration of each Customer Advisory Board will be two years, at which point new members will be invited

Who's joining from Trimble?

Product Marketing - aka your Customer Advisory Board partners. Product Marketing will be there at all events, assist with setting agendas, provide meaningful feedback and are happy to help if you have any questions.

Sales Leaders - from Customer Advisory Board member selection to continuing conversations and following up on strategic decisions, sales will also take a very active role in the board activities.

Product Managers and Delivery - will be on hand to present roadmaps and the vision for Trimble MEP solutions. They can also provide early access to new features and products and organise separate product user groups if required.

Trimble Leadership - will join the Customer Advisory Board meetings, deliver the Trimble digital transformation vision and be involved in our discussions.

Get involved

To become a member or to have your questions answered, please leave your details on the short form linked below.

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