Electrical Schematics  

Improve the speed of your electrical design with the Electrical Schematics App for Revit. You can create electrical schematics for your Revit electrical systems by simply selecting the available main panel(s) in your project. Choose from different schematics that are made available to you.  

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With one click, a separate drafting view will be automatically created for each Revit system, containing a comprehensive scheme with the most relevant info – helping you in having a clear overview of your electrical system.  

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Discover the benefits of MEPcontent's Electrical Schematics App designed for MEP Engineers and Contractors around the globe to create schematics for your Revit electrical systems


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Overview of all Revit electrical systems  

Easily create electrical schematics for Revit electrical systems (which is not possible in native Revit) by simply choosing one or more panels. With support for all Revit electrical systems, the App gives you a clear overview of systems like power, communication, fire alarm, data, nurse call, security, telephone, etc.  

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System structure schematics

A schematic tailored for low voltage systems that will show the panel(s) and its connected elements. The circuits and their components are clearly shown on each relevant level.  

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Block schematics  

A schematic that will show the panels and sub panels of a Revit system. You can choose whether to include level lines to clearly show on which floor a panel is located.  

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Relevant data within the schematic  

The schematics are enriched with relevant info like family name, annotation, space name, and space number. In case of a Revit power system, you will get additional data like the total connected load, total estimated demand, and apparent load per phase.  

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Filter on preferred system types  

Also in case of large and complex projects with lots of switchboards, transformers or panelboards, you can immediately catch sight of what you need by applying specific filters in the App and thus reduce the number of listed panels.  

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