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Export Revit data to Excel, edit the elements by changing parameter values, adjust your Revit Schedules, Plans, Sheets and Views, and import them back into Revit, without any hassle. 

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Exchange Excel and Revit data with the powerful Export and Import Excel App for Revit!  


You can even review your changes before importing the updated data and then choose what needs to be imported.

What’s more, you can save time by updating data for multiple elements at once, like renaming families or types. Opposed to native/plain Revit, you no longer have to click on each element separately.

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Discover the benefits of MEPcontent's Export and Import Excel App designed for MEP Engineers and Contractors around the globe to share data with each other and with those without Revit


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Export Revit data to Excel

Export data from your Revit project to Excel within a minute, based on your selection – select the entire project or just a part of it, you decide. Not only can you export all Revit categories and parameters (like instance, type, shared, project, read-only parameters etc.), but also your Plans, Sheets and Views.  

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Update your model with Excel data

Want to make small adjustments for several elements, like renaming families or types, without having to click on each one separately? Modify parameter values in Excel, fill in empty values, adjust or rename your Plans, Sheets and Views, and combine different parameters using Excel formulas to use the results as values for other parameters.  

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Export, adjust, and import Revit schedules

Export your Revit schedules to Excel. Easier to share with co-workers or clients. Select all elements and parameters from your schedule to get the overview faster and adjust the values in your schedule using the Import functionality.  

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Export the location of each Revit element

Whether you want to see in which room or space an element is located, or get the exact X, Y, and Z coordinates, you can now extract this information and easily share it with other departments or organizations.  

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Save time by defining templates

If you export the same parameters more than once, you can create templates to reuse your combination of parameters. The next time you want to export, simply load the template and the correct parameters are automatically prepared for export, saving you a lot of time.  

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