Openings for MEP

Take control over your MEP openings in Revit thanks to this App which facilitates an optimal cooperation with structural engineers so that you can detect and prevent clashes in BIM projects at an early stage.  

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You can now generate Revit openings with increased accuracy on places where MEP elements (like ducts, pipes or cable trays) are clashing with structural elements (like walls, floors or ceilings) – even when working with multiple linked models.

Communicate in real time: simply send an opening request to the structural engineer, get a response file back and load it directly into your model to have the most up-to-date status for each opening.

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Trimble and MEPcontent are coming together to help you easily design Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems in Revit

Discover the benefits of MEPcontent's Openings for MEP App designed for MEP Engineers and Contractors around the globe to detect and prevent clashes in BIM projects and to cooperate effectively with the structural engineer


Show me what the App does

3 simple ways to create openings in Revit

Whether you want to cut walls in Revit, create Revit ceiling voids or any other Revit void form, the App offers the right tools to do this. You can place an opening manually (face-based or non-hosted) at the desired position. 

Or generate the openings automatically (based on a selection or on a clash detection report like an interference check file) at the places where MEP elements clash with structural elements. Information from the MEP model (such as dimensions, pipe type, insulation) is then directly transferred to the openings objects.  

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Always have a clear overview  

Monitor and manage your openings in an efficient way using the openings monitor with all relevant information regarding the openings in your project such as status, dimensions, fire rating and many more. Apply filters and sort columns to see, for instance, which openings still need to be added to a request or for which ones you are expecting a response. You can also create schedules and extend them with your own data.  

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Combine and edit openings  

Let the App automatically combine your openings when they are close to each other, or choose to do this manually. You can also quickly edit the characteristics of your openings like setting a different shape or adjusting the dimensions.  

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Define your preferences

Define settings like default margins for MEP elements, the minimum distance between openings on the same host, and even specify if you want to use multiple linked models for generating the openings.  

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Height annotations  

Place annotations with the height of the openings in your project. You can choose if the height must be measured up to the bottom, center, or top of the opening and even specify if the annotation must be based on your project elevation or on a specified level.  

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