Accubid Remote Working Information

Working in remote locations with Accubid can be easy to achieve. Please talk to your company's Accubid administrator or IT administrator to find out the best method to work remotely.

Remote WOrking Instructions For

Accubid Classic, Accubid Enterprise and LiveCount Desktop

When working remotely, you need access to a license on a hardware dongle and your data. This can be achieved by:

  • Connecting remotely via a VPN connection to your office network. Work with your IT department to setup a remote desktop connection to your office computer and log in to it. You will be able to use the program with no changes to be made. This applies to both all Classic and Enterprise programs.
  • Assuming your data is local, bring home the hardware and point Accubid to the local hardware key
    • You must have Accubid Security server installed on your computer
      • Talk to your administrator to get a hardware dongle (if possible).
  • LiveCount Cloud is web-based. Once you determine how to access your Accubid license remotely, there should be no change in access to LiveCount.

Remote Working Instructions For

Accubid Anywhere and LiveCount Cloud

  • There is no change to work from the office or from home if utilizing the same computer.
  • If you’re on a home computer, please download the Anywhere installer from the client portal or email support for the installer, and install on your local machine.
    • Enter your Trimble Identity information and login to Anywhere.

For further assistance please contact Trimble MEP support

Additional Information

The following information contains other tools that may be used for a remote setup. The following is for your reference only and not supported by Trimble MEP.

Hosting Accubid Security Server Remotely

Setting up an Application’s Remote Access

Setting up USB Security Devices Access Over Local Network

Redirect USB on NAS

Citrix XenApp XenDesktop