AutoBid Remote Working Information

Working in remote locations with AutoBid can be easy to achieve. Please talk to your company's AutoBid administrator or IT administrator to find out the best method to work remotely.

Remote WOrking Instructions For


For AutoBid licensing please reference here: How to check out a license

To change the IP for the Quick Link Hub

  • On each individual workstation, Open AutoBid SheetMetal /Autobid Mechanical Utilities from the application list
  • Login using the same login and password as for the application
  • Click on Tools then Quick Link Hub Settings
  • In the IP address field, change the IP Address to the new location IP address or use IP:
  • The Quick Link Hub port remains 31958.

If the system receiving the license does not have Quick Link installed:

Quick Link Installers

Hub 14.01.31

Management Studio 14.01.31

Database connection

For server connections, the user has to use a VPN connection to stay connected to the network otherwise, they will have to move the network setup to a stand alone.

For further assistance please contact Trimble MEP support