The Next Step in Inspection and Testing Software

NAPIT FastTest is now available with even more features including a new and improved mobile app for iOS and Android

Trimble MEP and NAPIT have worked hard to develop a best-in-class solution for UK electrical contractors.

NAPIT FastTest not only maintains essential features of Trimble FastTest, it offers even more additional features specifically tailored to your inspection and testing needs, including:

  • The new and improved NAPIT FastTest Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • NAPIT’s award winning EICR Codebreakers observations directly within the software, plus the publication itself included in the package
  • Instant and secure access to all certificate data via the cloud hosted platform
  • More certificates & documentation than any other multi-platform certificate solution - over 25 certificate types covering Electrical, Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, Gas & Ventilation
  • A new Board Viewer and SubMains Connection Wizard
  • The new certificate RAG Status feature
  • The new Circuit / Board Counters tool

Furthermore, it’s the only certification software solution with the Trimble ProDesign integration.

To see a full Trimble FastTest to NAPIT FastTest features comparison view this pdf.

Why we chose to collaborate with NAPIT

NAPIT is an industry leading Government and UKAS accredited membership scheme serving more than 10,000 registered installers in the electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation, microgeneration and building fabric trades, across the UK domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

Trimble FastTest is to be Discontinued

With the release of the next generation NAPIT FastTest, comes the discontinuation of support for Trimble FastTest. You can continue to use your FastTest software after your support contract end date, however it will be at your own risk as there will be no further regulatory, data, or software updates to Trimble FastTest.

We appreciate you are a valued customer and while we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause, we are pleased to offer you alternative products with much improved functionality.

Furthermore, there is a path for you, as a Trimble customer, to migrate to NAPIT FastTest at a discounted price.

For further information, please see the FAQ section below. For details about your exclusive Trimble discount, contact the NAPIT sales team via their website, where you will also find information on NAPIT FastTest’s full range of features.

Important dates

Here is a reminder of the important upcoming changes to your Trimble FastTest software as this product and associated services draw to a close:

  • All Trimble FastTest service and applications support will come to an end on 30th November 2021.
  • Access and use of the Trimble FastTest Secure Cloud portal is solely permitted for certificate submission and retrieval, therefore this service will also be discontinued on 30th November 2021.
  • As the mobile device app is directly enabled by the Trimble FastTest Secure Cloud, all versions will also be removed from the app store on the same date.

Key dates

  • 30th November 2021 is the final date that certificates can be uploaded to the Trimble FastTest Secure Cloud
  • 10th December 2021 is the final date that certificates can be downloaded from the Trimble FastTest Secure Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Please rest assured there are a number of routes available to you during this FastTest transition period. Please review these general FAQs and then follow the links to specific routes of migration depending on your current FastTest product(s). Still have questions after reviewing this information? No problem, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of your FAQ document and a Trimble representative will be happy to assist.

What does discontinuation mean for Trimble FastTest?

You will no longer be able to renew your support contract for Trimble FastTest and support will no longer be available after your support contract end date*. The mobile device apps will be removed from the app store 30th November 2021.

*Your support contract end date is the 12 month anniversary of your support contract start date.

Why are we discontinuing Trimble FastTest?

We want to deliver the very best solutions to our customers within a practical timescale and unfortunately the underlying technology powering Trimble FastTest is beginning to make this increasingly difficult. Trimble MEP will remain committed to serving engineers and contractors in the UK and Middle East markets with leading products like ProDesign, our estimating and contract management solutions, as well as new products in the future.

Will FastTest release further content and software updates?

No. After this announcement no further content or software updates will be made, however, support will still be available to you until your support contract end date. We have been working closely with NAPIT to ensure you not only have available an inspection and testing software that matches that of your current solution but one that goes beyond in terms of accessibility, number of certificates and productivity increasing functionalities. Please see here for Trimble FastTest’s most recent content and software updates.

What if I want to continue using my Trimble FastTest product and related content?

  • We realise some customers may need additional usage of their FastTest product for in-progress projects or to complete any unmastered certificates and for compliance reasons. You can of course continue to use Trimble FastTest on, for example, pre-18th-Edition projects and for access to your archive data within your software. Again, please note this will be at your own risk after your support contract end date.

  • As new Regulation releases and Amendments come into effect, the certificates within your Trimble solution will no longer be within compliance. We constantly review industry Standards and Regulations and with the release of BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 expected in March 2022, it is responsible for Trimble to advise you to cease use of Trimble FastTest on new projects following it’s release.
  • Access and use of the Trimble FastTest Secure Cloud portal is solely permitted for certificate submission and retrieval, therefore you are advised to remove all of your certificate data from the FastTest Secure Cloud prior to 10th December 2021. This service is to be discontinued on 30th November 2021 giving you a 10 day grace period to remove any remaining certificates.

  • NAPIT FastTest is able to import all of your Minor Works Certificates, Electrical Installation Certificates and Electrical Installation Condition Reports, with the exception of Schedules of Inspection. NAPIT will be introducing further import features such as for Emergency Lighting certificates etc. within upcoming NAPIT FastTest software and content updates. And as a government and UKAS accredited organisation with a specific focus on UK compliant inspection, testing and certification, NAPIT FastTest will always be up-to-date with the very latest British Standards and Regulations.

What happens to my access in the event of a computer failure that might require a reinstallation?

Following your support contract end date you won't have access to support for your Trimble FastTest software. Although the licence remains in your ownership and should function as before, we won't be able to help you if you run into any difficulties, such as in the event of a system failure or a situation where your software requires reactivation or reinstallation. You are entitled to use your FastTest content outside of the application to archive certificates for compliance reasons. However, If you do choose to undertake the complex and lengthy task of extracting the SQL database information out of Trimble FastTest, it is at your own risk and we recommend you consult an SQL expert. NAPIT is currently expanding it’s already extensive data migration tool, for further details please follow your product specific FAQ at the bottom of this page.

What happens next?

As mentioned above, there are a number of options available to you depending on the Trimble FastTest products you own. For further information on possible routes of migration, please refer to the following product(s) specific FAQs and the contact forms within:

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