ProDesign PremierCareXtra 2022

A letter for ProDesign PCX customers

ProDesign products* Premier CareXtra support and maintenance quotations will increase by 30% upon your next renewal.

*All Premier CareXtra support and maintenance services and non-subscription products that include ProDesign.

The ProDesign products play a central role within the Trimble portfolio. At the beginning of 2021, Trimble MEP started our transformation and introduced the Trimble Electrical Designer and Stabicad subscriptions: a selection of all-in-one packages that include the key 2D and 3D design and engineer features, calculations and content our electrical building services professional customers need.

Because the majority of ProDesign customers have already switched to a subscription licence, the existing PCX billing model is no longer cost-effective. Therefore the software maintenance fee is increasing. A 30% increase will be applied to PCX support, maintenance and upgrade quotations, in relation to perpetual ProDesign products*, due for renewal in 2022. Please note, this only applies to renewals and does not impact your current contract.

Your exclusive deal

New ProDesign packages are here! Trimble Electrical Designer 2D and Stabicad are now available to purchase via named user subscription. And as an existing customer, if you switch to a brand new ProDesign named user subscription package, you will do so at an exclusive offer price. This offer is not available for new customers. Contact us to find out more.

If you don’t want to opt for a subscription licence just now, you can still switch at any time but this deal will only be available until your upcoming PCX renewal date. Please contact your account manager to find out when your renewal date is.

2022 - a year full of new added value benefits

There are some major developments planned for Trimble Electrical Designer subscription solutions (ProDesign products on subscription) in 2022. Please note, these new features are only accessible to users with a subscription licence and NOT those with a perpetual licence.

We'll be releasing a number of our highest requested features, in addition to the aforementioned future-proof named user licensing system which comes equipped with a customer licence management portal.

When introduced, some of the many benefits our named user subscription customers will receive over our current system are:

  • Simplified licencing built around individual profiles will make licence management much easier
  • You won't have to call Support to assign ProDesign product access to team members
  • ProDesign product access will always be available to assigned users, no matter where they are providing they have an internet connection
  • There will no longer be the extra costs associated with maintaining a Flex Server for access to ProDesign products

Legacy purchase model software

Although we have no plans in 2022 to retire the ProDesign product PremierCareXtra support and maintenance service, we have shifted our focus to developing premium features, like those mentioned above, for the new subscription system that will better serve our customers and help them to adapt to the future of our industry. We will continue to serve our PCX customers if they choose to renew support contracts with:

  • Expert support
  • Regulation updates including IET Wiring Regulation and NEN 1010 updates
  • Plus some feature and usability enhancements.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the price increase or if you’d like to know more about how ProDesign on subscription can work better for you, please get in touch via this online form or by calling 01908 608833 (option #2).

I want to personally thank you for being a loyal Trimble MEP customer during these challenging times. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we hope we’ve been successful in providing you with excellent customer service.

James Hardwick

UK & ME Sales Director 

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