Easy to Use, Powerful Cable Calculations

Exclusively Offered to Trimble FastTest Customers

SingleCable Pro on Subscription

With no upfront costs, subscription to SingleCable Pro offers you affordable, continuous and supported access to rapid, compliant single circuit design and calculation. Whether you prefer monthly direct debit or annual payment, simplify the way you purchase and renew your software, content and support, within a single, convenient subscription.

£95 + VAT / license / year

  • Powerful ProDesign based calculation engine that’s always compliant to the latest UK IET Wiring Regulations*
  • Full device adjustability
  • Enhanced functionality for 3-phase sub-mains
  • Single phase and three phase circuit design
  • Instant onscreen calculation results plus automatic update notifications when editing calculated circuits
  • Automatic protective device ratings
  • Accurate earth fault disconnection times
  • Up/Down cable and protective device productivity tools returning multiple valid solutions within design parameters
  • Full suite of standardised reports
  • Comprehensive database of MCBs and fuses

* SingleCable Pro is now also compliant to the latest IEC international standards, ADDC & DEWA Middle East Regulations and Standards, VDE German and wider European standards, and NEN Dutch and wider Benelux standards.

Trimble Electrical Designer 2D

SingleCable Pro is also available on subscription within our new Trimble Electrical Designer 2D bundle. All the 2D electrical design software your business needs in one cost-effective software subscription!

For further information on the benefits of subscription products, please read the following FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a subscription?

Contact your Trimble account manager or a member of the sales team using the contact form at the bottom of this page on or before your support contract end date and they will be happy to assist you with your new purchase.

How do I renew my subscription?

All Trimble MEP subscription products are sold on a 12 month, auto-renew basis. Once you’ve subscribed and defined your payment method, you do not have to do anything else to receive continuous, supported access to your software solution and the latest updates.

Am I entitled to a discount?

Yes. If you purchase 4 - 9 licenses of a subscription product you will receive a 5% discount off the full price, per license and if you purchase 10 or more licenses of a subscription product you will receive a 10% discount off the full price, per license.

Can I pay for the subscription monthly?

Yes. If you are already paying for your current Trimble solution(s) via Direct Debit, at the time of moving to your new subscription software, we will simply adjust the monthly amount payable.

If you currently pay annually but would now like to pay via Direct Debit, we will provide you with a standard Direct Debit Mandate form and request you complete and return it to us. Once processed, we will be able to deliver your new software and debit 12 equal monthly payments from the account specified on the Direct Debit Mandate.

How do I use my subscription?

Your subscription software will be delivered to you via a secure download link so you will require internet access. Simply download and install onto your workstation following the instructions provided. If you require assistance do not hesitate to contact a Trimble support representative. Support is included within all of our subscription products.

I need internet access to download my subscription software, do I need internet access following installation?

Yes. Although you are not required to have constant internet access, you must have an internet connection every seven days in order for our licencing system to validate your license and notify you when the latest content and software updates are available.

Can I add more users to my subscription?

Yes. If you need to add more software licenses to your subscription in the 12 month period following your initial purchase, additional licenses will be prorated and co-termed to your next renewal date. Furthermore you will receive the appropriate discount per new additional licence if the total number of licenses goes beyond discount breaks (4-9 & 10+). At renewal if all licenses are renewed, all licenses are eligible for the appropriate discount.

What if I want to reduce the number of licenses I subscribe to?

All Trimble MEP subscription products are sold on a 12 month term basis so if you are required to reduce your number of licenses, you are able to cancel those subscribed to for 11 months by giving Trimble 30 days notice of cancellation before the renewal date.

What if I want to continue renewing my current Trimble FastTest support contract?

With the release of the next generation in inspection and testing software, NAPIT FastTest, comes the discontinuation of support for Trimble FastTest. You can continue to use your FastTest software after your support contract end date, however it will be at your own risk as there are no further regulatory, data, or software updates to Trimble FastTest. When your support contract expires, renewal will not be an option.

We appreciate you are a valued customer and while we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause, we are pleased to offer you alternative products with much improved functionality. Furthermore there is a path for you, as a Trimble customer, to migrate to NAPIT FastTest at a discounted price. To learn more about NAPIT FastTest click here.

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