Quickly produce highly-detailed 3D designs that are truly constructible.

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Quickly produce highly-detailed 3D designs in Revit. From concept to installation, Stabicad supports your design workflows with time-saving productivity tools, comprehensive UK compliant integrated calculations and always up-to-date manufacturer content. Whether working on domestic developments or complex commercial projects, Stabicad fits in with the design practices of every engineer and contractor. Design and install your next model to be truly constructible.

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As the market-leading developer of software for the building services industry, Trimble is continually looking for ways to develop software to meet the needs of Building Services Engineers and Contractors. With access to the largest library of manufacturers content and a broad portfolio of hardware and software, Trimble provides solutions to optimise your entire design, build and operating lifecycle. We're grateful for the opportunity to support you in taking the next step in evolving your design workflows.

Stabicad 12.17 Release Feature Focus

Here at Trimble we’re always improving our solutions with regular software and content updates. In addition to Stabicad’s already extensive productivity tools, we’re pleased to share with you brand new features that come with our latest release, Stabicad version 12.17:

  • Produce project specified design outputs to a number of widely used classification systems such as IFC, ETIM or Omniclass
  • Autorouting has never been quicker or more accurate for HVAC designers! Stabicad can automatically place appropriate fittings as you draw air ducts
  • Gain more control and improve the accuracy of your tap water circulation calculations by defining the ambient temperature precisely on each pipe
  • Avoid the costly mistake of ordering surplus materials or the delay of ordering too little PE pipe. Stabicad automatically accounts for welding losses and gains at composite bends and tees when calculating pipe lengths on PE pipe systems
  • Increase the accuracy of your ventilation calculation results using Stabicad’s customisable in-line insulation parameter
  • Stabicad’s user-friendly interface is now even easier to operate with the introduction of intuitive multi-key search options for quick navigation within dropdown menus

For a more in depth look at these features and more, read on...

The Extended MEPcontent Standard 4.0

The Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) has been created and continually developed with the aim of providing MEP engineers worldwide with a high-quality and uniform BIM content standard. This allows Stabicad users to deliver models with consistent data, parameter naming and representation, which are essential elements that elevate a 3D render and turn it into a real world 3D design that contractors can install onsite too.

In this most recent update of the EMCS Standard:

  • You can now format your design outputs specified on your projects to a number of widely used classification systems, such as IFC, ETIM or Omniclass.
  • Product families are now fully parametric. Default Revit families are numerous and difficult to rationalise, even within a small project. With Stabicad a single family now supports numerous applications of products within your project. This significantly reduces the number of families in the project and therefore improves performance. The parametric families can also be manipulated using plain Revit functionalities, a feature which aids essential information exchange in the construction process.
  • Also consistent, logical parameter names have been added to the Revit families, making it even easier to generate clear schedules and to share data with other project stakeholders.

Fast Autorouting of Ventilation Ducts with Enhanced Component Data

By using the enhanced Stabicad autorouting functionalities, appropriate fittings will be automatically placed as you draw air ducts. This works for both generic and specific content. If you are working with specific content, all manufacturer-specific products will be automatically placed and recorded, including key schedule information such as GTIN or item numbers. This Stabicad autorouting tool is enhanced further again by enabling you to change routing preferences between t-pieces and saddle pieces. And if ever a fitting does not exist within the selected product line, that custom component will be highlighted and thus easily identifiable at a glance for the designer to define at a later stage.

Specify the Ambient Temperature precisely where it’s needed

Accurately modeling tap water circulation can be challenging, especially on a large system. Stabicad now enables you to set the appropriate ambient temperature on each pipe individually, giving you more control and visibility on the precise heat losses and dimensioning requirements of the circulation pipe system.

You can access this property via the Edit Calculation Properties dialog of a pipe but by default, the ambient temperature parameter is set to the value defined in the StabiBASE project template, which is applied to the whole model. Every Stabicad user is provided with an integrated project settings manager, StabiBASE. With this handy tool you can manage your software licenses, MEPcontent manufacturer content downloads, project templates and more in one centralised location. Here you can adjust technical information which in turn is then available to all other Stabicad users working on the project within your company, saving you valuable time and helping to ensure design integrity.

Accurate and efficient PE Pipe System Design

With Stabicad 12.17 you can differentiate between PE and PVC product lines - a sometimes overlooked and costly distinction when calculating PE pipe system lengths. When using composite fittings for PE product lines, the productivity tool Nodesolver will present a number of viable connection options and automatically calculate the welding gains / losses that can occur when mounting these fittings. Drastically improved accuracy and efficiency with just a few clicks.

Go beyond default Revit Parameters and design accurate Duct Systems

Produce usable ventilation calculation results with Stabicad. You can now go beyond default Revit duct parameters and define the internal insulation of your duct design. The ventilation calculation automatically draws on this vital detail to quickly return accurate velocity data, allowing you to efficiently adjust the flow rate and duct sizing as required.

Multi-key search options for quick navigation

We understand even minor improvements can make a huge impact on 3D design tasks and we’re always looking for ways to help increase our customer's productivity. Previously when searching for a specific component within a dropdown menu, only the first letter would be used, meaning a manual list search would still be required. Now the use of multiple characters is supported, typing a full product line name will return exactly what is being searched for. It’s only a small change but highly valuable when time is of the essence.

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