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The most advanced fully integrated BIM solution for electrical design

Stabicad for Revit is an MEP focussed CAD software that has been tailored with functionalities that are specifically developed to improve the productivity and efficiency of electrical engineers, contractors, and draftspersons in the UK.

Access the latest productivity-maximising CAD software for less with subscription

Our refreshed product suite for 2021 means Stabicad is now easier and more affordable to acquire than ever before. There are no upfront costs, and you receive continuous and supported access to the latest productivity-maximising CAD tools and content, at a single incredible price.

Stabicad features for electrical design

From concept to installation, Stabicad supports your electrical design workflows with time-saving productivity tools, helping you to produce quality and usable project output fast.

Provision of UK families and 2D symbols

Thousands of cable ducts, fixtures, switches, sockets, data points and components for fire prevention and suppression, telecoms and security systems, are available within easily navigable Stabicad content pallets directly in Revit. This enables you to build accurate, UK compliant designs and easily explore various alternative design solutions quickly.

Rapidly find changes and fix errors

Any containment, calculation or routed circuit changes are reported within the 3D model in a way that’s already familiar to ProDesign users. Each warning and error is index-linked to the affected point in your design helping you to maintain accuracy and design integrity within ever-evolving projects, and collaborate with other designers more easily.

Auto-populating annotations

Quickly and accurately communicate a wide range of detailed circuit and containment information through auto-populating annotations precisely where they’re needed in the model. Important engineering details including cable fixing methods, load summation, cable properties, voltage drops, line and earth fault adiabatic checks, selectivity checks, etc. are easily accessible by all relevant project stakeholders.

ProDesign 3D cable routing tools

Route compliant circuits on any size project efficiently and accurately with intuitive manual and automatic circuit routing tools. These productivity tools, powered by embedded UK component data and calculations, are complete with user definable service type containment permissions, which provide dedicated containment is adhered to even when auto-routing.

Switch range configurator

The free ABB switch range configurator enables you to easily design, manage and configure complete switch ranges in just a few clicks, directly in Revit. Experiment with a variety of design options and features complete with the correct annotations, plus 100% compatible articles available to order from within your project environment.

Integrated electrical calculations

Powerful integrated ProDesign calculation services and BS 7671 compliant component databases enable Stabicad users to quickly perform complex circuit calculations for load summation; cable sizing, including cable lengths; protection, including line and earth fault adiabatic checks; voltage drop; selectivity checks; and containment calculations, including utilized and spare capacity. Easily and accurately execute calculations for multiple regulatory authorities to ensure you produce the highest-detailed 3D designs in Revit, regardless of your location. The extensive list of calculations available to select from are compliant with multiple regulatory norms, including IEC 60364, BS 7671, ADDC, DEWA, NEN1010 and VDE 100.

Effect mass changes

Maximise your productivity by switching out electrical components on mass rather than individually and easily place the same symbol multiple times in a space. This way you can save a lot of time when installing multiple units of the same light fixture. Elements can be placed according to an a-a or an a-2a layout and you can determine how many rows and columns of the elements are being placed in one action.

“The digital outcomes from using Stabicad means we are more efficient and it saves our Principle Engineers hours of work, which means we are able to react and respond to requests without the number of additional staff we would have needed in the past”

-Pete Foster, Head of BASIC (the Business Analytics Systems Information Connectivity department) at Exyte Hargreaves

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