What's new in Stabicad

What's New in Stabicad 22.11

October 31st, 2022

We are happy to announce that version 22.11 of Stabicad was released on the 31st of October 2022

The following is a summary of the main new features included in this release and the benefits that come with it.


  • You can now calculate tap water systems according to the BS 8558 (2015) s

Stabicad for Revit Mechanical

  • You can now calculate tap water systems according to the BS 8558 (2015) standard.

You can select this new standard in StabiBASE.

Note that you have to select the standard prior to starting the project, as switching standards mid project is not supported. The standard is indicated in the calculation dialog as well as the report.

  • When placing a radiator and choosing the connection type Middle Bottom with the configuration Supply at Left and return at right, the supply and return connectors are now correctly positioned.
  • When connecting radiators to a default pipe type, the function Connect radiators now works. If you then change the default pipe type to a customized pipe type, the connection will continue to work.

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